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About The Book...

Does the commercial side of personal training get you sweating? 
Are you tired of putting in reps without receiving monetary gains? 
Don’t know how to start expanding your online influence? 

Business coaches and bestselling authors Chris and Eric Martinez are the “Dynamic Duo” of developing multifaceted fitness institutions. 

They’ve helped countless customers turn around their health habits and hundreds of online coaches bring in six-figure incomes. 
And now they’re here to help you cultivate a CEO mindset and propel your passion into wealth.n Headline

Rise of the Fit Pros: Create More Income, Influence, Impact, and Independence is the powerful one-two punch for simultaneously growing your coaching venture online and in-person.
Inside, the Dynamic Duo set out the step-by-step moves you’ll use to motivate your base, establish an online presence, and skyrocket your profits.

Through client success stories, the Chris & Eric show you how to develop the winning mentality you need to rise above the competition and achieve the independent life of your dreams.

Book Forward By: Mike Arce, Founder of Loud Rumor & Author of "Fitness Marketing Secrets"

"With the prevalence of the internet, online personal training is quickly becoming the preferred way to do business. As Chris & Eric brilliantly explain in this book, online personal training along with in-person training is a massive WIN-WIN for both trainers & clients" 

In Rise of the Fit Pros, you’ll discover:

  The motivation to push your coaching business onto the web and up to the next level

   How to build your enterprise around your lifestyle to track what really matters

   Easily implementable steps and formulas to keep the cash coming

     Inspirational client examples to help supplement your service

    Practical exercises, concepts, frameworks, & much more!

Rise of the Fit Pros: Create More Income, Influence, Impact, and Independence is your guidebook to bullet-proofing your fitness business. If you like easy-to-follow steps, being your own boss, and generating income through inspiration, then you’ll love Chris and Eric Martinez’s well-toned fundamentals.

Buy Rise of the Fit Pros to toughen up your profit today!

Fit Pros Already Rising Up!

About The Authors

Chris and Eric Martinez

CISSN, CSCS, CPT, BA, are #1 Best Selling Authors and the founders of Dynamic Duo Training and The Dynamic Inner Circle. 

The Twin brothers known as "The Dynamic Duo" have quickly become the leading authorities on health, training, nutrition, and lifestyle in the fitness industry. 

Chris and Eric built a six-figure online fitness coaching empire working with both clients online and in-person. 

They have also taught hundreds of other fitness coaches to build and scale their online businesses utilizing the strategies they  developed.

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